OffScrip Health is unlike any other engagement company in the healthcare space because we are run by, and for, patients and caregivers. We are uniquely positioned to bring together nonprofits, agencies, and industry to make healthcare suck less.

First-to-market content strategy

We are a healthcare content provider innovating direct-to-consumer communications with a profitable multi-product pipeline.

General Sponsorship

Clients pay for broad exposure. The PBS model ‘making things possible’ with no influence in the content.

Rapid Deployment of Product

We have developed and launched nine successful shows and series yielding an audience with over 1.1M listens to date.

Content Sponsorship

Clients pay for shows/series to be about specific topics with selected speakers and talking points.

Highly Disruptive Revenue Model

Unlike every other podcasting company, we are sponsorship-based and not advertising-based, with $2.4M in revenue.

Nonprofit Collaboration

Nonprofits who receive grants hire us as their vendor to co-produce community content.

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Our Partners

Our clients are like-minded, industry leaders who share our vision of better healthcare.