50% of American households are podcast fans.* OffScrip Media is a one-stop hub for healthcare-related podcasting in oncology and rare disease. Join the movement!

*Nielsen Podcast Insights, August 2017




OffScrip Media partners with biopharmaceutical companies to produce educational podcast series that elevate awareness of unbranded campaigns. 

We incorporate target marketing to specific, de-identified patient demographics in a HIPAA-compliant manner and get the metrics you need. We bring authenticity, easy-to-digest content that people trust and learn from in the comfort of their home, car, or on the go.

Our award-winning audio production team has 20 years of storytelling and sound design experience to make your meaningful narratives come to life. Partner with us today.

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We engage listeners with a call to action, sponsored mentions in pre-, mid-, or post-roll production, and shout-outs on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

OffScrip Media has nearly 5M listens and a Social Media reach of 200K followers.

Advertise today with OffScrip Media and listen along on one of our 20 listening platforms. (Apple, Spotify…)

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Limited partnership opportunities are available with our two compelling documentary series.

Cancer Mavericks: The Art of Survivorship highlights the 50-year history of cancer, grassroots advocacy, and cancer survivorship told through the patient perspective.
Differentiate your organization with collaboration on these historic and important docuseries.

The Helix is an audio series about the necessity of precision medicine, biomarker testing, and genomic therapy, including a historic perspective facing communities of color in the U.S. with egregious outcomes, with decades of institutional racism that has shaped today’s patient experience.

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